Thursday, January 7, 2010

D'Uan and I are back from a much needed holiday vacation -- away from facebook, emails and back to old-fashion spending time with family after eight years of not being able to attend many family functions of all kinds! An online store has its rewards! Thank you all for your patience while we were officially gone and Happy New Year to everyone.

We want to start to start out our new year by offering you a special -- spend $100 with us and receive 40% off of Ranger product on your next order. That next purchase just might be the new Little Yellow Bicycle Valentine line that is the best ever! We preordered back in the summer and will most likely not reorder, so once it's gone, it's gone. This adorable line has been shipped and should arrive either tomorrow or Monday. Get your order in while you have the entire selection available!

Please note that everything (excluding Ranger products and the new Valentine line from LYB) is already from 30% - 50% off the regular price. If you are like us, you still need holiday lines for all those photos just waiting to be scrapbooked from Halloween to Christmas!

D'Uan and I are going to have a fire-side chat to plan for fun events ahead so please stay tuned and stay warm!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Slow it down!

December is flying by way too fast! We started our Tim Holtz "12 Tags of Christmas" last Tuesday and now we are at day 6! It's been so much fun creating these little pieces of art each day. Today I took a much needed break to have some family time. I decided that Monday I could double up and get two tags and a video done! Sure I can! I have my oldest grandson spending the night with me so it forces me to get up very early to get him off to school. This way, I'll get an early start on my tags.
I hope all of you have enjoyed seeing the tags daily and hope that some of you are getting to create one for yourself. There are so many possibilities in one tag with all the incredible techniques! Tim Holtz never ceases to amaze me with each tag he creates.
In the midst of all this tag making, somehow I've got to start Christmas shopping! I thought by not having the store that I'd have it all done by now! NOT! It seems we are every bit as busy, maybe more so. Patty and I are loving our studio and getting to play with all our things we have collected over the past 8 years. We are starting a new thing with Vintage finds. Be watching for our Etsy vintage line soon.
I hope your season so far has been blessed. Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fun and Productive day at gotta scrap!

We were busy all day today doing all kinds of fun things . . . D’Uan was working on her Day 2 Tim Holtz Christmas tag, getting it ready to post. Jennifer was adding new product to our online store all day long and I was getting ready to video D’Uan while trying to figure out what project I wanted to do first for our own Etsy store. I must say it’s fun having so many options and just the fact that it will be something vintage makes me very happy! I was thinking about decorating old frosted perfume bottles with vintage lace, old velvet flowers and leaves and embellishments or covering boxes using the same type items . . . I’ll wait until tomorrow now to decide! I picked up over the weekend a collar and cuff box with decorative hardware on top of the box that houses cuff links (from the early 1800’s) that is in need of recovering, so if I have just the right fabric, that may just be what I do first!
D’Uan, of course, will produce her third Christmas tag which I will again video – she will do this twelve days in a row, so her work is cut out for her (without as many options as me!). The only thing I contribute to the tag is that I get the privilege of selecting the ribbons and fibers.
Just in case you get snowed in on Friday, plan in advance to be stocked up with plenty of supplies for those Christmas projects – remember that we deliver (or ship) on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in which case you will be set for Friday if you are local! The weathermen are predicting that our area will receive up to two inches of snow, so join us in lighting those fireplaces, putting on the apple cider and Christmas music and create some memorable keepsakes – we will be doing the same. Take pictures and let us see your masterpieces. Stay warm! Here is our link to view the video we made today of tag #2:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1st Tag

I worked on my Tag #1 of 12 in our studio upstairs which overlooks a beautiful pond and gorgeous trees that have very few leaves left. I love this weather and even though it is cold, it just seems to get me in the spirit of the season. So, this tag seemed a perfect match for this kind of day...wintery!
I finished my first tag and a video and wanted to share it with you! What a great tag! I did learn a great ribbon technique. I think you'll like it also. The tag took less than an hour to complete!
Want in on some holiday fun??? Here's your challenge! Make all 12 tags, post each day on our Forum and you have the opportunity to win a basket full of Tim Holtz products! All tags must be completed by December 15th. Post as you have them completed, please. I will continue to post mine each day with a video to guide you through some of the techniques and products used. I can't wait to see your creations!

I will check in with you tomorrow through Facebook, Twitter, our Forum and our Blog. Let us know if you need anything to complete your tags. Our delivery days are Tuesday and Thursdays for those of you who are local. We ship all orders the same day they are placed online. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

12 Tags of Christmas and more...

Wow, I am amazed that it is already December 1st! Where did this year go? As I reflect on this past year I see how truly blessed we have been and though this holiday season will be so different with the store being closed, I feel the warmth of the Christmas season even more. Our customers (yes you!) have been so wonderful with your warm response of our everyday changes that happen on our website, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and now Etsy. Ok, let's talk Etsy for just a moment...As you all know, today was Cyber Monday so...

I have spent most of today working on our Etsy store and while I am not the most experienced photo editor in the world, I have taught myself just a few things. I know that most all my photos are too large for Etsy!!! If you look at our store today, you will see I did not get far. Tomorrow is another day and yes I did think about staying up all night tonight but realized I have a Tim Holtz Tag to make and demo for you tomorrow. That, right there, was reason enough for me to call it a night. I did however look on his blog at 12:01 a.m. and nothing was there yet. I believe Arizona time is one hour earlier than our time though so I'll give him another thirty minutes or so before I really do call it a night.

Let's see...another exciting thing happened today! We are offering our DVD or online viewing of our Tim Holtz classes I taught in November at our Holiday event. If you didn't get to make it, here's your chance to make all 6 of the projects with instruction. I am also making kits and selling the entire kit for all 6 projects on our Etsy store. The price of the entire kit is $85 and if you purchase the kit, you get an additional $10 off the DVD or viewing download. This is perfect for those of you who are making gifts this season. My favorite gifts are those that are handmade.

Patty called with some great news today...our Tim Holtz stamp sets from Stampers Anonymous arrived! What perfect timing. Jen was busy all day putting product on our online store. Take a look and get them before they're gone.

Well, I'm going to try once more to get on Tim's Blog to see if I can download instructions to his first tag and get busy assembling. Look for our video tomorrow and I will do my best to show you some of the techniques he used in making his first of 12 Tags of Christmas! I will post photos of my tag on the blog tomorrow! Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So busy, we've forgotten to blog!

We have been so busy working on a major Christmas project for a company that we have not stopped for days to talk to you on our blog -- I have definitely stayed zoned in on that! We have been working day and night trying to get this project done and delivered for their big party!
So, have you logged into our forum -- it's so much fun, you gotta try it! Jennifer listed her Cricut today for sale and it is going to be a good deal for someone! It's something that many of you asked us to do so you can definitely use this site to do swaps, etc.
We just got our final draft of our new gotta scrap! logo today and can't wait to have it incorporated onto all our different sites. We think you will really like it -- it includes Bella and Scrap . . . speaking of which they both took naps last night (we worked until midnight!) in this container in which we keep ribbons. Scrap had a little trouble fitting into the space, but she managed to manuever into the tight space. We took pictures to show you! She finally just went into our closet and found herself her own "dog" house and let Bella claim the container as her own! Remember Bella's "couch" she had at the store -- yesterday was the first time she would even go near it . . . it's like she didn't want any part of it if it wasn't at the store!
Today, Jennifer inventoried our Tim Holtz stamps and we ordered many of the new ones that we have not had before -- you are going to love them! D'Uan had to reorder the Tim Holtz Christmas stamps so she can do the Twelve Tags of Christmas again. We will be videoing a different tag each time so you can make these in time for use on your own packages, garlands, etc. I never get tired of looking at these beautiful designs!
We have had comments from several of you on our gmail saying that you miss our demos and personal contact -- hopefully, you will begin watching our videos as these are great ways to learn new techniques and get good ideas for your own projects. We, too, miss our contact with you, but things are going great for us online and we have been in close contact with many of you! We have tried to think of every way possible to have you involved in our online store, so we hope that you will sign on to all our different options. We look forward to growing our customers and enjoying as good a rapport with you online! And, we always want to hear from you! Gotta get back to my name tags, personalized ornaments and putting some final touches on some other decorations using my wonderful Rock Candy Distress Stickles which makes everything more wonderful! Hope to chat with you soon on our forum!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Something to "Talk" about!

Our website is growing daily. Beginning tomorrow, you will be able to communicate with fellow scrappers about anything and everything!
Make sure you visit us tomorrow, November 7th at The Comfort Suites Inn on I-30 and Dalrock between the hours of 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm for Holiday Shopping! We will have all our NEWEST product available as well as Hand-made gifts we've created.
Please visit our website and join our EMAIL newsletter so that you can get up-to-date information on upcoming events and new products and lots more. Also, while you are there, join the link at the bottom of the Home Page for Google "Friend" Connect. It's just a fun comment section to leave comments for us. Everyone see's it when they visit our website. We would appreciate it!
We are looking forward to our BIG Holiday EVENT tomorrow and are already planning for three more events in 2010! (ONE HUGE very exciting ANNUAL EVENT to be announced soon!) You will not want to miss the "ANNUAL EVENT"...there will be many celebrities in the scrapbooking industry attending it so stay tuned for more information...a little hint:(Tim Holtz)
Have a beautiful weekend and we do hope you will stop in to say hello!