Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Patty's Ribbon Technique


Gabbs said...

OMG! the store looks awesome...went in today! Way to go girls! Ya'll did a great job! Patty's bow technique is the best....she taught me before and I was like....wow. She's good! Easy to learn and pretty bows! Your great Patty....love ya! gotta go...hope I can stop by this weekend. xoxo

Kim Irwin said...

I love the video! How cool!

Pat B. said...

Patty-You're amazing. What a great way to tie a bow.

I hope to get into the store this week to see all of your hard work.

How do you like the water aerobics? Doesn't it make you feel fabulous?

It sounds like it would be so much fun to work in your store.


ms.cheryl said...

How cool is that?!!!! You make it look so easy. Cheryl