Saturday, September 12, 2009


Our last day of business was Labor Day and everything was out of the store that evening. We took a couple days off to rest up after a whirlwind of emotions and physical labor! Now we are busy setting up the entire upstairs (including closets) as an office, “store” and crop room. We will take and post pictures after everything is in its place. Our wonderful girls Jennifer and Christy are helping us organize each of the rooms. D’Uan’s husband, Ralph, has been so concerned about the weight limit of everything upstairs that he called his father-in-law who is an architect. He has advised us as to just how much weight per sq. ft. the upstairs area can accommodate.

We have already had customers emailing and calling us to see if we are in operation and when they can get invitations printed. The answer is as soon as we possibly can. It will be so nice to be in operation again! We have already received new product which I believe we have mentioned in a prior post. We have coming in next week Little Yellow Bicycle Halloween. We already have received LYB Fall line that is beautiful. We expect the first of four shipments of Prima right away.

One of the first things D’Uan and I want to do is to attend Ranger University. We plan to continue our scrapbooking education even more now that we will not have to worry about the store. We plan to attend all the trade shows to learn about new product for 2010. So, we will stay up to date on product, techniques, classes, etc. We are very excited that we will be able to continue doing what we love doing the most. And, because our wonderful customers have been with us every step of the way thus far, we plan on keeping you right on board with us in our new venture!

Closing quote that seems so appropriate: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” and that is just what we are going to do! Thank you for making gotta scrap! a “happening” place. We will keep you posted each step of our new way of doing business!


Anonymous said...

sounds exciting..when you speak of upstairs, where exactly is "upstairs" and what type of printing business is it ? I was new to Gotta Scrap, but loved everything about the store.
So if I am asking questions that everyone else knows the answer to, I am sorry.
I certainly look forward to shopping again with you great group of gals!
Thanks so much, good luck!
Does everyone but me know what the printing/upstairs is about?
Thanks again!
Becky B.

Duan said...

Our new location has an upstairs that houses all our product. Sorry for the confusion. Our invitations are a big part of who we are! We absolutely love that aspect of our business. We will keep you posted as we are moving along very well! Keep up with us on our blog and Facebook!

Karen Riley said...

Karen, AKA Spokesperson for the Leonard group here:
WHERE are you moving to?
So this means you WILL reopen?
What is you goal date to be open?Will being a member of this blog keep me posted?

Oh my goodness! I pulled up your website to get your ph number to reserve some seats on Oct 23. Scare me to death! we drive 45 miles to get to you and it is worth every mile!!!

Pat B. said...

HI!!! I miss you all TONS!!!

It's exciting to know that things are moving along so swiftly.

I, like the other commenters will really be excited to know who, what where, and when about all that you are going to do. Hopefully everything will be here since I don't do facebook----I have such an addictive personality that I'm afraid I would be totally addicted to it and stay on my computer ALL of the time!!! Crazy, huh??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love to all,
Pat Burns