Friday, October 9, 2009


For some reason, these long hours, late nights have me totally off track . . . since getting back from our trip last weekend, it seems we went from Monday morning to Friday afternoon! D'Uan has stayed at my house the entire week so we wouldn't lose any time in getting things done and we set goals and just about accomplished them just in time for her to leave to go back to her other world. We did a video of the Graphic45 stocking before she left and she took it home to download and put online for you. http:// This was a project we did during the sample frenzy portion of the show last weekend and one we think will definitely want to do yourself. We have the entire line of the Graphic45 Christmas line that is ready for purchase now. Jennifer has been helping us every day and has become our pickup and delivery person. We get an order in and off Jen goes to either hook up with you or take to post office. Thank you for your orders so far! Sunday night we will be launching a portion of our online store -- with more being added all the time. Please don't think we will only offer a few items -- we just want to get started!

We have already scheduled some Christmas parties that will entail invitations, gift bags, name tags, centerpieces, all that will match up with your theme. We love doing these sort of projects - it's like a Christmas workshop! So, if you need help with any parties or projects, please let us know.

Remember me mentioning a date of November 7 for a possible crop? There are no local hotels that have a conference room available for that date; however, we can reserve a conference room in Rockwall for Saturday, November 14th all day until midnight. We can only accommodate thirty-two croppers comfortably -- I am taking a straw poll this weekend just to find out if that date would be good and if you would be interested in attending a crop. It will be jam packed with fun things; details will definitely follow if there is enough interest. I have the conference room held until Monday at which time we will determine if there is enough interest. We must guarantee 32 spots or we cannot do this date -- the price would be $65 per person which includes a snack mid-morning, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, chocolates/desserts for later. Also, if there is enough interest, D'Uan will offer two Ranger classes (her favorite!) which would be $45 each. So, if you will check your schedules and let us know by Monday morning, that would be great! We definitely are wanting to see you and do some fun make & takes we did in Houston. Post your comments on gotta scrap facebook and we will determine if this is a go! We will make sure we have ample room for more attendees at our next crop since it will be scheduled more in advance.

Everyone have a nice, relaxing weekend and enjoy this cool weather. Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully seeing you soon!


Ms. Cheryl said...

I could make it on the 7th but I have to work the 14th. :( cheryl

Anonymous said...

Marcus could drop me off on the 14th and I would be interested if it is a day of projects and classes. If it's just a crop of our own stuff without learning anything new then I would not be interested. I don't have facebook so am commenting here.

Thanks. :) ~A