Wednesday, September 30, 2009

From our "House" to yours...

There's nothing scary about My Little Yellow Bicycle Halloween release--just a whole lot of treats and some tricky special effects, including thermography, soft flocking, smooth metallic surfaces and shiny glitter, to make your memories special. Trick or Treat's rich color palette, clean style, and classic Halloween icons are perfect for capturing magical holiday moments.
Don't be afraid to get caught in Trick or Treat's magical web!

GOOD NEWS . . . we are just around the corner to having our online store operational! We have been so anxious to get our new product to you because we know you want it NOW! Hang on, we are almost there! We have linked some of the new lines so you can see them. D’Uan has been working hard to take pictures and get them posted on our website. We are trying to make a lot of progress for the next two days since we will be leaving for Houston for our date with Tim Holtz! The only problem with that is he doesn’t know about it, just that we are in his classes! Speaking of Tim, we will be getting his new product line in tomorrow. We will take pictures and put online right away! Also to continue the namedropping – we will talk with Tim and Mario about when they will be coming to Rockwall. Based on that timeframe, we will furiously start making plans to have our BIG EVENT around THE date. We feel sure we can talk our crazy and dear friend Cheryl Darrow from TenSeconds Studio to come and will have others that we will invite. So, we will have news to report when we get back from our weekend Fall Education Trade Show – actually, we will blog there and send back pictures of what we’re doing there.
We have a question for you – we are going to put together KITS and need YOUR input. Would you like to see THE KITS we will be offering by theme, i.e., Fall, Christmas, school, etc. or more of a Grab Bag type kit or both. We promise you that these kits, whatever price they are, will be worth more than what you actually pay and they will not contain OLD “stuff” that is outdated! I’m thinking it might be fun, too, if D’Uan makes up kits and I make up kits and you ask for one or the other or both – that way, you get more of what she likes or vice versa! There’s always a bit of sibling rivalry when two sisters are in business together! Not that we would be keeping track or anything. . .
So, I guess I’d better save my other ideas for another day, another blog, since I am trying to blog everyday! (don’t tell D’Uan that I missed yesterday). Can’t wait till “Tomorrow, tomorrow . . . it’s only a day away”!


Anonymous said...

Have fun on your trip! I definitely look forward to a date, I mean class, with Tim Holtz too!

Kits- I'm all for non-traditional, non-themed, totally unique, I'm not going to find it anywhere else, or see anyone else with the same thing kind of a kit. (Well, other than those who bought your kit, I guess. Haha) Send me to fantasyville or marvel me with a lush textile look that you just want to reach out and touch each time you walk by it and I will be forever at your mercy.

Hehe in the meantime, Patti- you know the scrap like books by Lady Cottington right? Ever thought of making your own with all the fanciful little pretties you've found and collected over the years? That's my latest project and I am LOVING it!!!

You know who

Pam Bailey said...

When will the My Little Yellow Bicycle Halloween line by available. I love this. I'm wanting to start a Halloween word album and this line will be great for it. Also I'm really interested in the kits you will have for sale. When will the on-line store be ready?

Pam Bailey

Spritney Beers said...

Can I just buy a kit thats already made and just add stickles! haha

I think you should do both types of kits! Sometimes I like kits with a specific theme and then others I like to be suprised!!!!

I can't wait to come see everything :)